ak (productlust) wrote in mixtapeexchange,

Dear Annoyed Mixtape Exchange Livejournal User(s),

I understand that you are annoyed. But I find your attitude unappreciative and selfish.

I have spent a lot of time putting it together. I don't own a printer anymore, so I have spent $100 making ridiculous amounts of copies at Kinko's, buying shipping materials, CD's and cases. I was planning on adding a hardcover but that would have cost a fortune.

I am broke right now, and have taken on 2 jobs recently so-- I'm sorry! I really do not put this livejournal community on my priority list! While you had perhaps spent $5 to send me your submission (some, not even a penny) I have spent $10 each for 10 people. That does not include the international shipping costs.

And unless you have sent me items through snail mail, your package is delayed. I do not have your address. That is not my fault.

This community will be no longer. Leave all the bitchy comments you want, but don't be an asshole and post anonymously (you can't anyways). Send me an e-mail if you'd like to bitch at me in privacy.

To those of you who waited patiently...thank you.


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