Notorious O.M.G. (omg_what) wrote in mixtapeexchange,
Notorious O.M.G.


Name: Kati

Birthday: 3/1/88

Location: The Netherlands

Top 5 favorite bands:
1. Minus the Bear
2. Rilo Kiley
3. Beulah
4. Broken Social Scene
5. Radiohead

Top 5 current songs on your playlist:
1. I can't take it - Tegan & Sara
2. I wasn't prepared - Eisley
3. Angeles - Elliott Smith
4. If she wants me - Belle and Sebastian
5. Capturing moods - Rilo Kiley

Would you like to trade mixtapes with somebody with similar tastes?:
If I can ever figure out how =/ I'm pretty much new to the whole mixtape thing and I've always sucked at making my own mixes, so I'm mostly here for ideas.
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