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Mixtapes Are Special

Hey people,
I'm new, my name's Ash. I'm from Vancouver BC, and making mixtapes is definitely one of my specialties. Read more under the cut <3 Nice to meet you.

Name: Ash
Birthday: September 26th, 1984

Location: Vancouver BC

Top 5 favorite bands:
1. Sonic Youth
2. Nirvana
3. X
4. New York Dolls
5. Bikini Kill

Top 5 current songs on your playlist:
1. 'Last Light' by Converge
2. 'Bored To Dead' by GG Allin
3. 'Five String Serenade' by Mazzy Starr
4. 'Arkansas Heat' by The Gossip
5. 'Madame Butterfly' by The Nerve Agents

Would you like to trade mixtapes with somebody with similar tastes?: It doesn't matter what their taste is. I just love trading mixes with people who know the art of a good mixtape ;)
Awesome community
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