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i wanna send this out to richie vey
in his thrift-store corner of the world
his soul is my cheap laugh

name: rachael

birthday: january 17, 1987

location: southern new jersey, near philadelphia

top 5 favorite bands (in no order):
1. yo la tengo
2. le tigre
3. death cab for cutie
4. modest mouse
5. radiohead

top 5 current songs on your playlist:
1. belle & sebastian - the boy done wrong again
2. the starlight mints - margarita
3. the arcade fire - haiti
4. ben gibbard - the dream of evan and chan
5. sea and cake - the biz
(im listening to the welcome spring mix i just made)

would you like to trade mixtapes with somebody with similar tastes?:
yes, i would love to. i was in this community a while ago, and i was also in it on freeopendiary a MILLION years ago, and i think it is wonderful!
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good good taste.